• Dyslexia
  • Performed poorly in school
Richard Branson
Successful Business Magnate and Investor
Founder of the Virgin Group which consists of more than 400 companies.
Richard Branson is the fourth wealthiest citizen in the United Kingdom due to his incredibly successful corporation: The Virgin Group, which consist...
  • Lost 13- year-old daughter to a hit and run drunk driver
Candy Lightner
Founded MADD to help promote awareness
Candace "Candy" Lightner's life has been affected in many ways by drunk drivers. When her daughter Serena was only 18 months old,...
  • Death of a spouse
  • Legal battles for gay marriage
Credited for Constitutional changes supporting gay marriage
Edith Windsor is credited as having helped the gay marriage movement in America immensely.  She was with her spouse, Thea Spyer, for over four...
  • Pancreatic Cancer
Randy Pausch
Pittsburgh City Council declared November 19, 2007 to be "Dr. Randy Pausch Day".
In May 2008, Pausch was...
Official website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/ Death is an inevitable part of life. When it is time for farewells, there are so many ways to do...
  • Left arm bitten off by a shark.
Bethany Hamilton
Professional Surfer
Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer whose determination accelerated her overall success. She was only 13 years old when was attacked by shark...
  • Had to track down some dangerous criminals.
  • Most of the cases she was in charge of involved ruthless gangsters.
Kiran Bedi
She is a recipient of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award (also called the Asian Nobel Prize)
In May 2005, she was...
Fighting against crime to make the world a safer place is not a light matter. I'm not talking about comic book super heroes, I'm talking...
  • Had to face the hardship of the Cold War
  • Fought to impose political and economical reforms that led to the end of the Cold War
Opened up the Soviet Union to external influence
Helped end an international conflict
Some people might be wondering why I've chosen Mikhail Gorbachev. Yes, he was one of the leaders of the Soviet Union, the rival of the West...
  • Had to witness the atrocities of South America
Stood up and took a stand against the authorities
Became a symbol of opposition and revolution
His face has been printed on millions of t-shirts and other bits of clothing and people wear the same type of hat as him. But there is a lot more to...

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. "

Albert Einstein
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